SureLC Account

Setting Up Your SureLC (SuranceBay) Account

SureLc Log In Page

After you complete your HCMS account setup, you will receive another email shortly with a link to the SureLC (SuranceBay) contracting system with a subject line of:  Family First Life (FFL) – Contracting Process

This is where you actually fill out the contracts for getting appointed with the different carriers we write business with.


We use SureLC to submit contracting requests to the carriers, so you can get contracted with various insurance companies that will send you an exclusive writing number so you can write business with them.

DO NOT TRY TO DO THIS ON YOUR PHONE.  This process is much easier to complete on a desktop or laptop.

YOU CAN NOT create an account if you are not fully licensed and the license has not been active for 72 hours.

Once eligible, you have 48 hours to complete your SuranceBay profile and request carriers. The sooner you complete this step, the faster you will receive your writing numbers and can hit the field.

Previous SureLC Account Holders

If you have had a SureLC account with another IMO before, please sign up as a new user and USE A NEW EMAIL ADDRESS – if not, everything you do goes to the other company and this creates a mess for the contracting department and will slow you down.

You Will Need the Following Before You Start:

  1. NPN – Your National Producer Number you can look it up HERE.
  2. Voided Check – You will need to have a voided check (or a direct deposit authorization form from your financial institution) to upload to SureLC so the carriers know where to pay you.
  3. AML – You must have a current Anti-Money Laundering certification. (You can do this through SuranceBay’s free course as well as LIMRA, WebCe, etc.) You will need a Limra AML for some of the carriers.
  4. E & O – You will need to have Errors and Omissions Insurance.  This can be purchased in Sure LC or from 360 Coverage Pros
  5. Beneficiary – For some carriers, you need to select a beneficiary to receive your overrides if you pass, such as your wife or child.  You will need their full legal name, address and SS#.

Please make sure all of the “My Profile” section is completely done before requesting carriers, or it may delay appointments.

If you see yellow dots or red dots next to any section (see example on right), that means that you have something left to complete.

Watch the Video Below on How to Navigate SureLC

Requesting Carriers in SureLC

Americo | Mutual of Omaha | AIG | John Hancock are requested in SureLC first and then entered in HCMS once you are appointed and have your writing number. 
Aetna | Great Western | American Amicable | Foresters | TransAmerica are requested in HCMS first and then once approved by FFL Corporate you then request them in SureLC.

Go to Carrier Contracts and request those carriers that you need based on the instruction in CARRIER APPOINTMENTS.

  1. Fill out the contracts fully. 
  2. We don’t sell LTC, so please select NO when asked. 
  3. When you have successfully submitted the contract it will show AT BGA.  Your contract has been sent to corporate.  Once they review it, they will move it to the next step.  Please keep an eye on this process.  If the contract stays more than 1 business day AT BGA, please let your contracting administrator know so they can check on it.
  4. IT SHOULD NOT SAY PRODUCER – that means it’s still in SureBay/SuranceBay/SureLC, or your email inbox and that they’re waiting on YOU for something. Corporate is waiting for you to complete your contract or you are missing something, so corporate sent it back for you to fix.
  5. Check your account the next day and it should show AT CARRIER.  Corporate has sent your contract to the carrier. Carrier processing times vary from 1 to 6 weeks. It is up to you to reach out to the carriers weekly to check the status of that carrier.  The Squeaky Wheel Gets The Grease.  After the Requests have been At Carrier for one week, you should start calling the Carriers weekly for updates and to make sure there are no issues with your application. All Carrier phone numbers are located HERE.
  6. Make sure to check for notes under each Carrier Request in SureLC.
  7. Once Approved, you will get an email and a welcome letter. It will not alert anyone other than you so keep an eye out for it, as soon as you get your writing number update it is HCMS.  See the instruction on how to do this in Step 1 above.
  8. Completed- AIG is the only carrier that shows up here and that just means they are working on your contract.
  9. You are not appointed with carriers until you have Welcome emails with writing numbers in them!
  10. Once you have received your writing number you need to enter it into HCMS ADD A WRITING NUMBER IN HCMS