Reporting Sales

Now that you have purchased your leads, made your calls and closed a deal it is time to celebrate a little and share the good news with other members of the FFL Community.

  1. Log in to the FFL Velocity Slack Channel and post your sale in the Daily-Booms.  If you have a photo of your client post that as well.  Post it this way  $1,000 AP MOO LP Approved for example, meaning $1,000 in annual premium, Carrier Initials, Product, then either Approved or In UW.  Do this for each sale you make during the work week.
  2. Then on Wednesday evening when you are doing running your appointments for the week go back to Slack and look for the WeeklyResults channel and post your total for the week like this.  # of Apps/$Total AP  example:  5 Apps/$5,200.
  3. Last but not least go to the FFL Weekly Numbers Form and fill it out and submit it.  Currently, your VP is Michael Gilley | FFL Azimuth