Licensed Agent Onboarding

Welcome to our team!  We are excited to work with you and see the things you can accomplish for yourself and your family.

There will be a lot of information coming your way in the next few weeks, so it is suggested that you follow these steps closely and get organized from the beginning.

Create a Bookmark Folder for all of this information and web pages and of course make sure that you have this site bookmarked as your go-to resource.   

There’s a lot of great resources and information that is constantly being sent out, and we want to make sure you don’t miss a thing! 

Here are the major steps to getting onboarded, connected and tied into the flow of information which will allow you to become as successful as you want to be based on PUTTING IN THE WORK.

  1. Game Plan: Get with your manager or upline and put your game plan together for the first 30, 60 and 90 days: FIRST 90 DAYS GAME PLAN 
  2. New Agent Checklist: Download and complete as you progress: NEW AGENT CHECKLIST
  3. HCMS: Accept your HCMS (Hierarchy Compensation and Management System) invitation that was emailed to you from your upline or agency admin.  This is critical as it gets you into the FFL software solution being used by Agents, Admins and the FFL Corporate Contracting Team to manage contracting requests.  (New Carrier, Hierarchy Changes, and Compensation Changes): DETAILED HCMS INSTRUCTIONS
  4. Prosperity Contract: Apply for your contract with Prosperity Life: DETAILED PROSPERITY INSTRUCTIONS
  5. SureLC Account Set up: Once you have completed your HCMS set up and Prosperity Contracting, you will then set up your SureLC (SuranceBay) Account: DETAILED SURELC INSTRUCTIONS
  6. Carrier Appointments: Apply for Carrier Appointments: DETAILED CARRIER APPOINTMENT INSTRUCTIONS
  7. Get Plugged In: Get plugged into the communication channels (Emails, Texts, Slack, YouTube, etc.) GET PLUGGED IN
  8. FFL Bootcamp: Complete the comprehensive FFL Bootcamp training program: BOOTCAMP REGISTRATION