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There is a ton of great information that will help you get up to speed quickly during your first 90 days and start making money.

Your goal is to stay informed about what is going on and get in the field quickly making money.

Take a few minutes right now to make sure you have completed all of the steps below and watched the video.

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Text Reminders

We are part of the FFL Velocity Team and FFL USA Team please get on both text distribution lists.

Text VELOCITY to (844) 414-0401 for text reminders of Live zoom calls and training.

Text FFLUSA to 844-384-6767 for text reminders of Live zoom calls and training.

Weekly Calls and Streams


Facebook Groups

Join the following two Facebook Groups for live streamed events, training and more.


YouTube Channels

Subscribe to the following YouTube Channels for live-streamed events, training, and much more. 

There is so much amazing content and training available on these channels as well as a ton of Social Proof that can be shared on your social media channels to show others that this model is working at a high level.


Corporate Email Blast

Join the FFL Corporate Email Blast– A lot of great resources are emailed out: Interviews with top producers, Corporate announcements, etc. 



Slack is a forum/discussion board where we all interact, ask questions, and celebrate daily wins!  Slack is the main real-time communication channel we use so DO NOT SKIP THIS.

Go ahead and download the app for either Apple or Android 

You will receive a separate email invitation from Slack inviting you to join our group.  You can search for a subject of “has invited you to work with them in Slack.



Joining Workspots for $99/month does two things for your business.

  1. You will have access to all of our 270+ offices nationwide which means you can go to an office and interact with other FFL Agents, book a desk, go in for training and dial days.
  2. As a member of Workspots, you will receive Lead Discount Coupons on a regular basis that far outweigh your $99 monthly fee.