Get Licensed

Now that you have made the decision to start a career with Family First Life and join our Agency, it is time to get your Life Insurance License.

One of the great things about partnering with Family First Life for your career is that we will cover the cost for your Pre-Licensing course.

Family First Life has partnered with XCEL Solutions to help you meet your Pre-licensing Education requirements.

XCEL has trained students to successfully pass standardized knowledge, skills, and assessment exams by utilizing a research-based learning approach. Their Preparing People to Pass E- learning Platform is loaded with rich online content, including interactive assessments, engaging multimedia content, and customized learning paths, allowing each student to grasp difficult concepts based on their individual needs.

  1. To Enroll in the Pre-Licensing Course: Visit
  2. Click ENROLL NOW – Select your state.
  3. Select LIFE & HEALTH PRE-LICENSING! (Click the red box where you see the price, and then click go to cart).
  4. You will see a Box that says Discount Code, please enter the exclusive discount code that was included in your Welcome E-mail.
  5. Hit apply, and the balance should change to $0.00, click proceed to checkout. -From here, you will scroll until you see “New Student? Create an account now!” then click sign up.
  6. Please fill out the first two columns “Student Account information” and “Student Contact Information ”DISREGARD THE LAST SECTION LABELED “ADDITIONAL INFORMATION
  7. Click “Proceed to Checkout”
  8. Launch the course and begin studying!

If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to reach out to your upline or manager.

As soon as you have scheduled your exam date let your Manager know.

As soon as you have passed your exam let your Manager know so that we can get you the additional information you will need to complete your licensing and get onboarded with FFL and start the Contracting process with the Carriers.

Get Plugged In While You Are Studying

Join the Private Facebook Group – You’ll be asked who invited you to join. Just put the name of your immediate upline agent, and you should be good to go! 

Join the Study Hall Facebook Group – This will help you connect with other agents going through pre-licensing. 

Get Plugged Into all of the other information from FFL and block time in your schedule to be on a handful of these Weekly Calls.

New Agent Checklist – This list will give you a good idea of where you are in the process between here and the field.