Some quick answers to some common questions.

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With our compensation starting as 100% and going as high as 145% our new agents can expect to exceed the industry averages.

Yes, all states regulate the insurance industry and required somewhere between 40-60 hours of pre-licensing education as well as a federal background check.  Family First Life will pay for your Pre-License training.

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Yes. Many of our most successful agents started part-time while they kept their 9-5 job, before transitioning into a full-time career with Family First Life

With Family First Life you are an independent 1099 contractor directly to the insurance carriers. This is a 100% commission-based position. Agents get paid directly from the insurance carriers and many carriers pay on a DAILY basis.

Leads are the lifeblood of your business and are an INVESTMENT.

Family First Life has a variety of lead sources that have been fully vetted as well as some leads that are generated exclusively for Family First Life in our CRM system such as Instant Internet Leads.

Leads will require an investment of between $0.50 to $70. Our average agent spends $10-$15 per lead on brand new leads.

Family First Life has NO mandatory requirements for purchasing leads.