Creating Prosperity Life Contracting Invitation Codes

As the immediate upline for a new agent in Your Life Insurance Agency with FFL, it is your responsibility to send them a link to get contracted.

Before you can send them a link you need to log into the Prosperity Portal and create the link to be sent.

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Here are the steps.

  1. Login Into Prosperity Life Portal
  2. Go to the menu at the top and click on Contracting, then select Invitation Codes.
  3. There will be nothing under Your Codes, this is what we are going to create.
  4. Go down to Generate Code and choose a level first for New Vista Follow the Rules Below when you select the level leave the renewals
  5. Then select a level for Prime Term SUSA Follow the Rules Below 
  6. Then go to Advance Limits: Most Agents will want a 6 Months on Issue, $2,000 is the Maximum Advance
  7. Go down to Options and leave the default of Fully Vested and then create a Label for the link you are creating.  We recommend using FFL – (the FFL comp level)  So for an agent that has an FFL 100% contract, the label would be FFL – 100
  8. Click Generate Code – It now shows under Your Codes 
  9. Repeat this for each level below you in 5% increments so you have them all.
  10. When it is time to send a link to a New Agent just click the green button next to the level you want to bring your agent on at and copy it and send it to them in an email like the one below. 


New Vista: Comp level will be 15 percentage points lower than their comp level with FFL. (For example, someone at a 110% comp should be set at a 95% comp under the New Vista dropdown.) 130/115% is the highest you can go with New Vista.

Prime Term: Comp level will be 35 percentage points lower than their actual comp level. (110% Comp = 75% Comp in the Prime Term dropdown) NOTE: 120/85% is the highest you can choose with Prime Term (Yes, this is correct. It’s a 30 percent difference here, for 120/90% only) This depends on your state whether you can go higher than 90%.

Advance Limits: 6 Months on Issue: The difference between Issue and Settle is that Issue is paid out when Prosperity receives the policy, and Settle is paid out after the first premium has been paid. This only makes a significant difference in payout dates if you choose Settle and Post Date a policy. This also depends on your state which one you can choose.
$2000 is the Maximum Advance

Cheat Calculations

If you need to create a higher level than 115 see your contracting manager

  • FFL 115 | New Vista 100 | Prime Term 80
  • FFL 110 | New Vista 95 | Prime Term 75
  • FFL 105 | New Vista 90 | Prime Term 70
  • FFL 100 | New Vista 85 | Prime Term 65
  • FFL 95 | New Vista 80 | Prime Term 60
  • FFL 90 | New Vista 75 | Prime Term 55


Please click on the link below to start your Prosperity Life Contracting.
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For complete instructions visit Prosperity Life Contracting